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Nicely composed shot by vespamore contributor, Raúl González, taken in Mallorca.

Check out Raúl's MallorcaVESPA album here


Hasselblad Vespa


My friend whose ET3 I shot on film recently see here, used to be a photography assistant some years ago and along the way acquired a Hasselblad 500C square format camera.

After taking the ET3 set, I was lent the Hasselblad for the afternoon and treated my own vespa to an expired roll of 120 Fujifilm with 12 exposures; 11 of which came out pretty well. The Hasselblad 500C is a thing of beauty with it's purposeful heavy weight, array of dials and buttons, removable metal plate and collapsible viewfinder. it takes some getting used to with the image reversed when peering in to the large square viewfinder; meaning left is right and right is left when positioning the camera for the shot. When correctly teed up and the shot is ready, the camera emits a very satisfying 'whump' when clicking the shutter button.. so much so, you feel like you should be under a black cloth!

Check out the full set I took here I'm sure I will be returning to the Hasselblad in the near future..

Hasselblad 500C

Fujifilm 120





Riding to work on the vespa last Saturday, I passed this bug which I had to shoot - like most folk I can appreciate a classic Beetle...

Taken with my Olympus OM-2N camera on Fuji Superia 35mm film. Check out my classic cars album here all shots taken on film.



Riding home from London on Saturday, I passed this modified Ford Anglia and had to pull over and get a shot..

the following day I visited the National Trust's Ashridge Estate for a friend's birthday picnic and among other classics I saw this earlier Ford Anglia..

Ford Anglia


Wild Pony

Cool looking Mustang spotted on my lunch break just now, shot with iPhone, took a few on 35mm film while I was at it.

One I shot earlier this year on film - here

Classic Summer Sunday


 B dash 


Picnicing in style

Joined some friends for a birthday picnic at the National Trust Ashridge Estate last Sunday, which was all very nice, made better by a bit of classic spotting with iPhone camera, which included an MGB and some nice VW bay campers...

Quintessentially British

Quintessentially British


Riding my bicycle into town to get some milk the other day, I was passed by this very nice Triumph Herald. Luckily it stopped at a zebra crossing and was able to pull alongside & ask the owner if I could get a couple of shots on iPhone as was without my film camera.

Fire in the sky

Riding home

Stopped off on ride home after working in London last Saturday; was struck by the colours and shadows cast by the low sun..

Shot on Fuji Superia 35mm film with my Olympus OM-2N camera.


Blue ET3

Blue ET3

A friend has a rather 'scabby' Vespa ET3 Primavera which I'd been meaning to devote a roll of 35mm film to... I finally got around to shooting this with my Olympus OM-2N yesterday. I had a great time photographing this ET3 which had a respray some years ago and now needs re-doing, as a result of the vespa being under a cover in the garden for the last few years!

The current owner originally bought this off a guy in Bermondsey; and would guess he in turn acquired it from local specialist Scooterworks at the cafe-cum-bar-cum-shop back in the day, or at the workshop in Enid Street.

I thought the dilapidated garages setting suited this scoot particularly well, see the full album - here




Cool photo by Dorian Gray see also

More details about this set on FB page - here



Just took delivery of new FREITAG F13 TOP CAT messenger bag, the blue goes great with '70s vespa orange...

Water repellent and made from used truck tarpaulins, recycled seat belts and bicycle inner tubes; these are a great bit of kit !


The Collector

The Collector

A great shot taken by Eshaan Girri in Hyderabad, India and part of Eshaan's album which can be viewed in full here

Eshann, thanks for letting for me feature this on vespamore ; )


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